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somethin' to know

2007-07-18 00:37:26 by Synnxile

2007 Antoarts, Kooflaz.

Our latest collab iscoming out today, we hope you will all vote 5 and it will becomea god of all flashes. Anyway, our new game will be pretty good, it's a drag-and-drop (makes the game) The full version will probally come out early tomorrow morning, with us pulling an all-nighter. I would say it will come out from 2-5 AM. (5-7AM newgrounds time) We will be working on the backrounds (17) and all the suits and all them gangsta-ass threadz. Looking forward to it


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2007-07-31 15:55:55

so your zero reminition thing failed? hah that sucks

Synnxile responds: didn't. why do think it didn't? i don't hang out there anymore but they've gotten over a hundred members now. i go to now and with it's 13 members it's pritty active.


2007-08-07 08:08:28

Sounds cool....


2007-10-12 21:23:55

Hows about you post something new?

Synnxile responds:

how about... i will when i want : )


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