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Scripting for the Lazy Writers

2009-03-03 00:51:31 by Synnxile

hey agian everyone. Yes if you've heard I love to write scripts you're exactly right...I'm going to have a career in Screenwriting, Directing, and blah ..movin' to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2 years when "someone" ; ) graduates(my love). eh i always think of her she makes me so happy... but anyway..back on topic. I already wrote a script for the guys at AntoArts BBS for a collaborative effort. If you are really lazy and want to have a great script wrote out, ask me and i'll do it fur shur..bUTT..of course i have to have credit. I have a feeling I'm going to be doin' this for many people on here..and I don't have a problem with it. Just if I don't get it done as soon as you want it everything will be fine. I'm a super busy guy. I'm good at many things.

Let the messaging begin, also. I specialize in Comedy Movies such as PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and HALF-BAKED

btw. check them guys out they're really kickass and have a lot of members just like this forum


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2009-03-03 18:19:09

sweet man... also where's my script? oh and get msn!


2009-03-20 22:45:26

Why hello there, sanguinarian friend.


2009-03-22 00:29:34