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2010-02-28 01:42:55 by Synnxile

Ok..i know the rule is DON'T post in a thread that's obviously gonna have harsh consequences coming it's way, but i did. First off..there was already like 11 people in there before me. I read some posts. Then, i posted "this thread deserves to be deleted". Well i come back about 5 minutes's deleted, i feel pretty good so far..yeah. All is well. Come to find out when i try to post I've been banned for 3 days for posting in the thread. Reason..of course and always. I added fuel to the thread, when i said it should be deleted.

Fuck me..


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2010-03-06 22:44:33

it happens man


2010-03-08 19:17:38

That's happened to me too, and it sucked. I posted "You're not funny" in a parody thread, it got locked and BAM! Two days, just like that. Well, at least you still have the Verve, right?


2010-04-12 09:30:00

You kept it alive & do not have the power to remove the thread. =/


2010-06-11 17:37:46

your a twat


2010-06-27 23:47:07

well let this be an example


2011-05-18 15:09:42

live & learn...


2011-06-14 15:14:08

Don't post in it then, silly.


2012-06-09 01:32:50

Well GOOOOOOOOOD for yoooooooooooou!


2014-11-16 08:57:26

What's a shit thread going to be? 60% of threads I see are shit lol but I havent gotten b& yet so I'm confused.

Synnxile responds:

newgrounds is based off maturity level lol. so.. if a person is immature and is reading an intelligent thread, that thread will be shit to that person, even though the thread is one on the more intelligent side.

and vice versa,

if a more mature person reads a thread labled "i poo my pants" that is a shit thread to them. literally lol but an immature person will look at it and be like Omaw Gaawds I pOo my pants TOOO

there you go


2014-11-16 09:33:17

Are you saying I'm a retard because I'm immature? Well I had a 3.7 GPA motherfuckers

Synnxile responds:

i was simply responding to your question about shitty threads, and was not pointing anyone out. way to go on your gpa, though being smart and being immature can play hand in hand. lol just because you're smart, doesn't mean you still don't have some "growing up" to do


2014-11-16 11:50:37

exactly, it's not until 2024 when I'm hit 30 that I'll ever grow up

Synnxile responds:

lol i am 25 and still love fart jokes


2014-11-16 12:01:53

Synnxile responds:

lol that certainly was interesting