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Entry #10

Moved to MIchigan

2014-11-16 11:46:23 by Synnxile

Moving to Michigan was a really great idea, it's really cold, but.. i love the cold lol. I used to live in north carolina, and while i know its not as hot as more southern regions..its still hot. for lack of a better word or two, holy fuck balls its hot. we're talking about 100 degrees in the summer, and i have sensitive skin so fuck my skin for being weak lol. We would always look forward to the 3 days of snow we would have in the winter. Everyone prayed for snow, and well.. now i have lots and lots of snow. I feel like a retard in a chucky cheese up here. hmm i don't think the word retard is politically correct anymore. is it...mentally disabled now? no offense to retards out there -thumbs up- you guys are the shit, love ya.

Anyways, moving from north carolina to michigan was really awesome to me. Plus, north carolina is booming with business right now and lots and lots of people all along the east coast are moving there, not used to the crowds in the stores, and on the roads. In michigan i get called a hillbilly, lol even though i lived in the citym but its all good. michiganers just don't know any better.

signing off now. not sure why anyone would read this... but i have an option to type some random shit to random strangers, so read all about it.

All the best,




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